Compass Learning


Our district recently purchased Compass Learning, a computer based learning program. Compass Learning combines rigorous, research-based instruction with fun, and digital content designed to produce greater student progress faster. This program delivers content that is designed to meet each individual student’s needs. Lessons are based on your child’s score on our Global Scholars assessment and is adjusted according to your child’s progress as they complete each learning activity. Activities may also be assigned by teachers based on their weekly skills and objectives.

Because this is a computer based program, we are excited to offer your child access at home. That means your child can log on and extend their learning 24/7.  All you need to do is go to the website and enter your child’s user name and password. Research shows that the more students log on and complete the activities, the more they will grow academically. The students have already begun using the software at school and have really enjoyed the activities. We hope that you will take advantage of this program by encouraging your child to log on at home.

The website address is: Both the username and password will be your child’s lunch number. For school, enter: JCSD. Thank you for your support as we continue our commitment to rigorous learning for all.